Monday, March 23, 2009

Library 2.0

Library 2.0 is a very interesting concept to me. On the one side are those who believe Library 2.0 is upon us, and we need to immediate embrace user-centered, participative collections and services. On the other hand are those who believe this is a temporary distraction from our real work of providing books and information for people who have no idea what they really want or need. While we're already talking about Library 3.0, it seems to me that just incorporating the useful and effective ideas from Library 2.0 is going to take much longer than the 2.0 enthusiasts would like. For all the talk about trying things, everything is beta, no time to spend planning for 2.0 projects, I think the reality is that we won't begin to see what true 2.0 libraries will look like for some time to come, and by then, they will be incorporating 3.0 and 4.0 ideas and maybe going back to the best of the Library 1.0 services as well. The world does move quickly, but the ideas that fall away probably fall away for a reason, and those that are really going to make things better for our customers may take some time to figure out and realize. It is really an interesting time to be a librarian - almost anything can happen next.


Well, the interesting thing I discovered on Technorati is that when it comes to popular blogs, videos, etc., I am officially completely out of it. I didn't recognize the first 9 most popular blogs, though I will have to say the 10th (PostSecret) is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures. I do like the tag cloud and the ability to write reviews of the various blogs. I did not get the best search results for cataloging blogs - quite a few seemed completely unrelated, but it is fascinating to see what all is out there in the blogging world.


Really is quite delicious - I had forgotten that I already had an account set up and found some great bookmarks I had marked previously, so thanks 23 Things. I can definitely see the research value of keeping a variety of sites bookmarked in one location for easy reference. I also love how easy it is to search and find other peoples bookmarked sites - have found some really interesting cataloging sites dealing with the upcoming cataloging rule changes. The site is easy to use, and since it's web-based, I always have access. I will start using this site again!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I created my very own cataloging searchroll: I am going to add all kinds of stuff to this and use it all the time. How cool to have a search engine that searches all the cataloging sites - why didn't someone think of this sooner!!